I'm Coming Back As A Dog - VIDEO

This is a reissue of an old song written with my friends, David MacKechnie and Thom Hardwell and I available on my website at kentmaxson.com. 

David MacKechnie used to live in Oregon while I used to live in Texas. We would try to get together at least twice a year and dedicate our time solely to the task of writing. It was David’s turn to come to Texas where we would spend a week writing, and then make our long trek to Nashville. One day we were both very tired and struggling to come up with a good hook that we could agree on. At the peak of our frustrations I looked over on the floor and saw my dog, Shelby. Shelby was not worried about anything. David and I looked at each other at almost the same instant and both said, “I want to be a dog.” That is what started us on the journey for “I’m Coming Back As A Dog.” 

David wanted to make sure that what we wrote was a “work song” and not just a bar song. I wanted to make sure that it was fun. We wrote the lyrics on the 10 hour drive to Nashville and had them completed by the time we arrived. We were scheduled to have a writing session with Thom Hardwell within the first couple of days of our trip. We thought this song would be right up Thom’s alley so we took in the lyrics with an idea of what we wanted to do musically and Thom helped us finish it up. I have fond memories of writing this song with David and Thom.

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