THE STORY BEHIND, "OLD LIKE THIS" - When I was dating my wife I lived in a small house in the Green Hills area of Nashville. Many nights we would sit on a swing that I had in the back yard. One night I said to her as we were looking at the moon, “I Could Grow Old Like This.” As we dated there were many other small things that happened that convinced me that this was the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. The simple things we did together were what I wanted to do until the day God takes me from this planet. I knew my wife for a year before we ever spoke. We dated for one year and have been married now for almost three years. Every scene in this song is a picture of an event that actually happened to me with this special woman through our courtship and marriage. I contacted my friend and co-writer, Randy Finchum and asked him to help me write this song. Randy and I talked about our relationships with our wives and how we are both blessed with wives who love us unconditionally, who have changed us for the better. This song is very humbly dedicated to our wives, Cindy and Jaime.  

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