The Story Behind Kent Maxson's RIAA Certified Gold Record Song - "From Where I'm Sitting"

From Where I’m Sitting - In 1983 my college girlfriend and I broke up. I called her up a few weeks later to see if there was a chance of us getting back together. She told me “No” and that I should move to Nashville. I was singing in a group at the time and promised my fellow group members that I would finish the album we were working on before I left and to also sing at a couple of shows that we had already booked. At my last show with them my ex- girlfriend came in with a friend of mine who had been my roommate for a short time. They took a seat on the front row by the stage and she sat in his lap hugging and kissing on him while we performed on stage. In my mind I kept thinking, “I’m standing up here dying and you’re sitting down there acting like a fool.” Many years later I started writing with Garth Brooks and by that time I had come up with the line, “From Where I’m Sitting I Can See Where We Stand.” Garth is in both the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame for a reason... He is a GREAT writer. I knew the minute that we finished this song that we had captured lighting in a bottle. It was magic. This was the second song that Garth and I ever wrote together.  I got my Gold Record when Gary Allan recorded it and made it a single off of his first album.
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