The Story Behind Kent Maxson's Song, "If I Could"

If I Could - This is the most personal song for me on the the “Nothing Better To Do” album.  I had been dating my wife, Cindy for about 2 months.  During this time we had seen each other for at least a few moments everyday.  Sometimes it was lunch, or dinner, or church, maybe a movie date, or coffee, but we saw each other everyday.  I had scheduled a writing session with my friend Adam James one night, so Cindy decided to go to dinner with her son. When Adam came over to write I was bummed because I was not going to see Cindy that day.  Adam pulled out some Gentleman Jack and we started to write.  I was lamenting how I missed Cindy and made the statement, “Why am I so upset?  She's not that far away, she’s just a little ways across this city.  But she might as well be on the other side of the world.”  Adam sang that line back to me and we started to write the song. Buried within the song is the line that will forever bond me to Cindy.  One time when we were watching TV on the couch she looked up at me and said in total amazement, “Who are you?  Where did you come from?”  I had never had someone be amazed at me as a person and state in such a simple way the purity of how they felt about me.  She had never experienced a relationship with someone before like ours, and her eyes and words said this was too good to be true.  With her statement she also NAILED how I felt about her.  I have trouble singing this song without crying during this phrase.  It represents the most vulnerable and truthful verbal expression of love that I have ever heard from another person. It also expresses the most truthful and unspoken innermost feelings of love I have ever felt about another human.  To this day Cindy and I still repeat these two questions to each other, and it still effects me in a way that my words can not express.  Go to to listen and purchase this song.

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