The Story Behind Kent Maxson's Song - "Never Doubt Her Love"

When I moved back to Nashville after my divorce I was introduced to a person who became my mentor and friend.  His wisdom and kind heart have endeared himself to me so much that I now just simply call him, “Sensei.”  In one of our many conversations he told me the story about when he started dating his wife.  They both were on the “Planning Committee” for their 40th Class Reunion.  They had known each other in High School but never dated.  As they started to get closer through out the planning process he decided to ask her out on a date.  The only problem was that she lived in Atlanta and he lived in Nashville.  When he called to ask her out for dinner she quizzically said, “You are going to drive all the way from Nashville to Atlanta to take me to dinner?”  Sensei, replied, “The road is never to far to a place you want to go.”  My Sensei is smooth…:) I knew that I had to use that line in a song.  Adam James, Randy Finchum and I started to write the song trying to explain what we thought it would feel like to be so in love with someone that you would drive 5 hours just to see them.  My favorite line in this song is, “Now I can’t fall asleep, because my life is better than my dreams.”  Little did I know that soon I would meet my future wife and my life would be "better than my dreams." This song does not have a depth in the lyrics that you would find in epic love songs.  It is not pompous.  What it does have is the music, groove and words that capture the joyful, unexplainable silly innocence of being in love.  It is a stripped down, simple, fun, feel good song.

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