The Story Behind Kent Maxson's Song, "Somewhere In The Heart Of Texas."

There is a city in Texas that advertises itself as, “The Heart Of Texas” because they say they are the geographical heart of Texas.  While in High School around 1975, I was driving through this town on the way to Austin when I asked myself the question…”If this city can say that it is the heart of Texas what else, or who else could be “the heart of Texas” through personification?”  It then hit me, I need to write a song where the girl’s name is “Texas.”  I had this idea for YEARS but never could pull it off.  Through the years “Texas” had many occupations.  Some good, some a little more seedy.  Somewhere around 2003 I brought the song to my good friend and co-writer David MacKechnie.  We worked on this song off and on for the next 10 years.  We got it closer to being finished but it still was not right.  After moving back to Nashville I pulled it out of the moth balls one more time and asked my good friend, Randy Finchum if he would like to try and help me finish it.  We spent about 2 weeks on it and sent it back to David in Oregon to get his blessing on the final version.  We did a couple of more minor tweaks to it and it was FINALLY completed.  This song took me about 40 years and 2 co-writers to write, but it was worth it.  Lyrically it is one of the songs that I am the most proud of.  Mary Duff included this song on her CD, "Changing Lanes" and to no one's surprise, she brought it to life.  Thanks to my co-writers, David MacKechnie & Randy Finchum.  To Adam James Deiboldt for the demo that sold the song... and to Mary Duff for bring the waitress, "Texas" to life.  You can also find it on my CD, "Nothing Better To Do."

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