The Story Behind Kent Maxson's Song, "The Minutes She Remembers"

I had a huge crush on my elementary school music teacher, Mrs Lewis.  She was the first person to encourage me when I showed her music that I had written.  Her husband, Mr Scott Lewis was my Junior High School Band Director.  He gave me an appreciation for the work that was involved in improving yourself as a musician.  I met the two of them for lunch a couple of years ago and confessed my grade school crush on Mrs Lewis.  She was sweet but distant.  She was suffering from Alzheimers disease.  I have watched from a distance as care givers lovingly provide for their partners and wonder how they have the strength to carry on.  One day it hit me that they live for “The Minutes” that their loved ones remember.  I took this idea to my friend, JK Nick Nichols.  Nick is an awesome and prolific songwriter who I am fortunate enough to write with, share with, pray with, and call my friend.  Nick was his mother’s caregiver as she struggled with Alzheimers.  As we wrote this song I asked Nick for every detail that he could provide about his experience with the disease so that we could weave it into the fabric of the song.  His beautiful piano playing allowed us to create a melody that is one with the message of the song.  This song is so personal to me because of Mr & Mrs Lewis and my friend Nick Nichols.  The very second that we completed this song I knew I had to get it out to the world.  It is bigger than Nick and I.  I hope that it can bring some measure of comfort to the people who have stood face to face with this devastating disease.

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