The Story Behind Kent Maxson's Song, "Will Write Songs For Food"

I was driving home one day and came to an intersection where I saw a man with a sign that said, “Will Work For Food.”  I wondered what events in life led him to the point where he was homeless on a street corner trying to make enough money to live.  Since so many people come to Nashville to make it in the music business, the natural progression of my thoughts was the possibility that this man was a musician.  My mind then took the leap that I could be like him one day.  In today’s music business the songwriter is being deprived of his right to fair compensation.  Everyone wants music but no one wants to pay for it.  I loved this idea for a song so much that I knew I wanted to name my next album "Will Write Songs For Food", even though I had not written the song yet.  I shared this idea with my friends, Alyssa Trahan & Matt Wynn.  This was one of the fastest writes that I have been a part of.  We knocked it out in about 45 minutes.  Go to to learn more about Kent and his music.

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