Kent Maxson....I love that guy! Every song from Kent is filled with a crystal clear vision of the emotion it is written to evoke" - Randy Finchum, songwriter of: "I Can't Wait To Waste A Little Time" by Sammy Kershaw and 2014 SON Country Countdown Song Of The Year "Jesus Was a Rebel" by Steve Roberson” - Randy Finchum

WHY DO I HAVE A PATREON PAGE? Things have changed in the music business. Streaming music has overtaken album sales and radically changed the music industry. Platforms like YouTube and Spotify have made songwriting far less profitable.  Patreon is a platform which allows creative people to sell their music, videos and art on a subscription basis. It's kind of like taking out a monthly subscription to your favorite magazine. Instead of making one pledge, one time, you make a pledge to continually support the artist. BUT... you can choose to end your support at any time.

FOR AS LITTLE AS $1 A MONTH (the cost of 1 music download) you are guaranteed at least one new song every week PLUS exclusive content and behind the scenes access to my life as a songwriter. When you choose to become my patron, I will take you into my home studio as my friends and I create music. I will share with you my life through my music.

There are different pledge levels that provide different experiences — you pick the one that works best for you. You can choose to simply enjoy the weekly new music or get the 5-star treatment in Nashville as we record a song.  

In addition to sharing my music I will be rewarding Patrons with opportunities to reduce the cost of making a trip to Nashville. My wife owns and operates a 5-star luxury AirBnB called, “Chateau On Monroe". On a regular basis we will be offering free lodging and discounts to Patrons so that they can come meet us, and experience the magic of Nashville first hand. Click on the link below to be taken to my Patreon Page.



I ask that you would also share this information with your friends who you think might enjoy my music. Thank you for considering being a part of this musical journey.

Kent “Max” Maxson


These are my Gold Record Patrons.  I consult with them about many of the important decisions I need to make about my music.

Sandy & Rockie