1. Fluent Braille

From the recording FLUENT BRAILLE

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This is one of the first songs which Matt Wynn and I wrote together. It is a little bit embarrassing to admit that I had the idea for this song. The idea came about when I was traveling overseas. I tried to communicate with a stranger who spoke another language. While I was doing this, I saw a person using sign language. I wondered if sign language was the same in all countries. This led me to ask the question, “Is Braille universal?” The rest is history.

I grew up with 3 sisters and helped raise my 4 daughters, so I have heard my share of stories of guys who got handsy. I DO NOT CONDONE INAPPROPRIATE AND UNSOLICITED TOUCHING. Hopefully my disclaimer will allow you to experience the playful nature of a mutual consenting relationship between an adult man and a woman as they try to communicate and get to know each other.